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As you can see my reviews do not correlate with how much I get paid. Rx – Dating To Relating (9.5/10) #2 Joshua Pellicier – The Tao Of Bad Ass (7.5/10) #3 David Deangelo – Double Your Dating (6/10) #4 Vin Di Carlo – Pandora’s Box (5.8/10) #5 Mystery – Love Systems (5/10) Get a link to a FREE e BOOK “HOW TO BE A GREAT LOVER” when you sign up for our Free NEWSLETTER Dating To Relating David Deangelo david deangelo advice Daytime Dating Double Your Dating Evaluation Method Free e Book Free Newsletter Guy Gets Girl Jeremy Soul Love Systems Mr. Rx Mystery Neil Strauss Pandora's Box Reviews Ross Jeffries ross jeffries scam Scam?Keep these affiliate commissions in mine when you read other reviews, as some reviews are not made to honestly inform you, but only to maximize profits.

If you are a black leather jacket kind of guy, you should wear something like Carolina Herrera CH Men Privé (dark, leathery, sweet, boozy) and not Dior Homme Sport (bright, powdery, soft, borderline feminine).

A few years later, as it gained speed, some fragrance enthusiasts started their channels, as already covered by Gabriela Cortés on Fragrantica in her article You Tube Fragrance Vloggers: The Face of our Fragrance Community.

Amongst those vloggers, one in particular stands out: Jeremy Fragrance.

He has gained almost 75K subscribers in just 2 years (the 2nd and 3rd places belong to vloggers with 31K and 25K subscribers, respectively, gained over a period of 7 years in both cases).

Jeremy’s influence has become so relevant that Fragrantica registers peaks on fragrance-specific pages when he posts a new video. Apart from being a fragrance reviewer, the 27-year old bachelor from Germany is also a model and entrepreneur, already since the age of 19, with a master’s degree in International Business and Marketing.

On these pages you will find extensive reviews of these programs, so before you spend any money on something that may not work for you, read my reviews and learn what works and what doesn’t.

(Learn how I evaluated these products here.) (9.5/10) Mr. Rx - go to website: Dating To Relating – GO TO REVIEW (7.5/10) Joshua Pellicier – go to website: The Tao Of Badass – GO TO REVIEW (6.0/10) David Deangelo – go to website: Double Your Dating – GO TO REVIEW (5.8/10) Vin Di Carlo – go to website: Pandora’s Box – GO TO REVIEW (5.0/10) Mystery Method – go to website: Love Systems – GO TO REVIEW (4.0/10) Neil Strauss – go to website: Style Life – GO TO REVIEW (3.0/10) Ross Jeffries – go to website: Speed Seduction – GO TO REVIEW (3.0/10) Tiffany Taylor – go to website: Guy Gets Girl – GO TO REVIEW DISCLOSURE: In case you are wondering.

So it was just a small step from there to fragrance. We have enough people who are just average in anything.

I want to ensure for 100% that my viewers think, “Jeremy is the fragrance guy and he’s the one I turn to when I need valuable fragrance advice.” Daniel: Who is your audience?

I like attending fairs like Esxence in Milan or Pitti in Florence to make new discoveries. The good thing about them is the freedom to try something new, not going with the trend.

However, they are usually more expensive and not necessarily attracting more compliments.

A lot of guys out there recommending various dating gurus are just AFFILIATES marketing a program for a profit.